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Genome Analysis Unit

About DNAnexus Asset


What are DNAnexus Assets

An Asset Bundle is conceptually the same as an applet resource. It encapsulates software dependancies and resources for a workflow, application or applet. For example, if you were building a Tumor Mutational Burden applet you might create an asset containing the following resources:

  • Tools, Data and Genome References:
  • Custom binaries and libraries for compute node natively build or furnished on AWS or AZURE:
  • Any Makefile-base build of a set of tools native built for AWS or AZURE.
  • An appropriate version of R, Bioconductor and other R dependancies.
  • A complex set of required Python modules.


How to Build an Asset

DNAnexus provides an excellent tutorial on how to build an assets.


Pros and Cons

  • Available for one or more workflow, application or applet.
  • Reduced development time – done once verses every time the applet is rebuilt.
  • Download of dependancies will not fail do to availability of software repositories.
  • Cons, well none really.