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Pausing Peak Expression Method 5.

About Pausing Peak Expression Method 5…

About Pausing Peak Expression is a DNAnexus applet.

Required Input Files

A Set of exp_tar.gz Files – Select a set of files with naming convention sample_name_exp_tar.gz.

  1. A Set of exp_tar.gz Files for Group A.
  2. A Set of exp_tar.gz Files for Group B.

Output Files

  • Summary HTML File – This provides a simple landing webpage to explain results files.
  • R Plots PDF File – A PDF containing DESeq2 graphs.
  • Directory Containing:
    • Sample Annottion File – Sample Annottion File used to discribe the sample groups and condition.
    • Raw Counts File – Raw counts file.
    • Normalized Counts File – Normalized counts file.
    • DESeq2 Contrast Results File – A PDF containing DESeq2 graphs.
    • RData File – This is an R data object that excapsulates all of the required data for pcaExplorer.
    • RMarkdown FileRStudio Desktop for installing required packages and launching pcaExplorer.

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